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Compact multi-source viewing system for inspection & color discrimination of ink, paint, plastics, textile, paper, colorants and others colored materials.
MM-1e & MM-2e

MM-1e and MM-2e provides three spectrally dissimilar sources of illumination to assure accurate visual color assessment and color comparison as well as easy detection of metamerism. Both model are simple to operate, using individual rocker switches for each source. An optional elapsed time meter to monitor usage of the daylight source is also available.

Model No: MM-1e


The MM-4e provides five spectrally dissimilar sources of illumination for accurate visual color assessment and color comparison, duplication of your client's lighting environment and easy detection of metamerism. The MM-4e includes a new digital control which confirms your selected source via an illuminated push button and is easily programmable to provide one touch automatic light source sequencing.

Model No: MM-4e

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