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 Paint And Liquid Coating Measurement Instrument

 Viscometry Measurement from Rhopoint Paintlab+

 Rhopoint PAINTLAB+ Viscomixer (NEW)
 Viscosity measurement of coatings is essential at each stage of the manufacturing process  to ensure consistent quality standard. 

 Many parameters can affect the rheological behaviour of a finished coating resulting in undesirable  effects such as inconsistent performance, poor levelling or sagging. The used of high precision  measuring instruments is therefore essential in quality control to prevent such problems occuring  during formulation, manufacture and application. The Paintlab+ Viscomixer is a versatile instrument  used to measure the change in viscosity during the addition of a solvent or thinner. There are 3  Viscomixer models are available. Each offering a different measuring range according to the  viscosity of the test sample.

 A sample from a production batch can be quickly and easily measured in a 250ml tin and the  required thinning ratio determined the scaling into the production process. The instrument operates  at a fixed speed of 562 rpm to directly measure the viscosity in Poise (P). More

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 Rhopoint PAINTLAB+ Cone and Plate Viscometer
 Provides high precision viscosity measurement of non-newtonian paints and coating.

 The instrument is specifically designed to provide stringent testing conditions to allow measurement  of these materials as viscosity changes according to the shear stress that is applied

 A precision wear resistant cone rotating at high speed on a temperature control plate produces  standardized shear rates during measurement. Full automated operation ensure fast and accurate  positioning of the cone onto the plate each time after the temperature reached its preset value.  More


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 Rhopoint PAINTLAB+ Krebs Viscometer
 Viscosity measurement of coating is essential at each stage of the manufacturing process to  ensure consistent quality standard.

 Many parameter can affect the rheological behavior of a finished coating resulting in undesirable  affects such as brushability, sagging, levelling and atomization. The use of high precision  measurement tools is therefore essential in the quality control to prevent such problems occuring  during formulation, manufacturing and application.

 The Krebs Viscometer offer high accuracy viscosity measurement with advanced functionallity. The  instument conforms to ASTM 562 Standard Test Method for Consistency of Paints Measuring Krebs  Unit (KU) Viscosity using Stormer-Type Viscometer. More

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 Rhopoint Paintlab+ Minimum Film Forming Temperature (MFFT)
 MFFT (Minimum Film Forming Temperature) Instrument

 The Rhopoint Minimum Film Forming Temperature tool is the industry leading instrument for  measuring the MFFT of water based material. MFFT definition "The Lowest Temperature at  which a latex, emulsion or adhesive will uniformly coalesce when laid on a substrate as a  thin film". An accurate MFFT value allows the formulation of products that cure correctly under  specified application conditions. Rhopoint MFFT work by holding a very accurate temperature  gradient across the nickel plated copper platen.  More

 Choice of Temperature range MFFT 60 and MFFT 90

 Paint and Coatings - The Minimum Film Forming Temperature of a paint and coating is the  lowest temperature at which it will uniformly coalesce when laid on a substrate as a thin film. The  standard test for determining this temperature uses a MFFT-BAR specified by ASTM D2345 and ISO  2115. The MFFT designed based directly on these standard by Rhopoint Instrument.

 Adhesives - The Minimum Film Forming Temperature of one-pack adhesives can be found in a  similar way to paint and coatings.  With two-pack adhesives, a strip of a aluminium foil can be laid  on the platen to ease cleaning  before applying the adhesive.Two-pack adhesive do not shown an  MFFT but the minimum cure  temperature can be found by scraping the sample with a spatula. 


 Rhopoint Paintlab+ Pfund Cryptometer
 Wet Film Hiding Power

 The Rhopoint Paintlab+ Pfund Cryptometeris a wedge type film applicator that that measure the  wet hiding power of a coating within a few minutes. It is simple to use and accurately testing of wet  film hiding power. The Cryptometer can also determines the thickness needed for complete opacity,  gives an estimate of coverage in square meter per litre. It is an ideal choice for quality control  environment and suitable for use with coatings containing pigments.

 The Pfund Cryptometer consist of a glass plate, with half black and half white background as a  base. Each half of this base has a scale engraved from 0 ~ 50mm along one edge starting from the  division in the centre. Each Pfund Cryptometer comes with two glass top plates and these have two  metal support at one ends so that these transparent top plates rest at an angle when placed upon  the black and white area of the base plate.

 The top plates differ in the length of their tiny supports so that different angles are formed between  the top plates and the base plate. A wedge angle constant (K) is given to each top plate. These  range from the smallest angle K=0.002 to K=0.0035, K=0.004, K=0.007 and the largest K=0.007, the  popular constant being K=0.004 and K=0.008 is simple to use and accurately perform testing of wet  film hiding power. 

 Rhopoint Paintlab+ Viscosity Flow Cups
 Viscosity Flow Cups

 Viscosity Flow Cups are generally used for measuring the consistency of paints, inks, varnishes and any similiar products. The measured viscosity data is expressed in seconds flow time when the fluid is flowing through the orifice at a given temperature. Viscosity is calculated from this flow of time to centistokes (cSt).  More


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 Rhopoint Paintlab+ Calibration Oil
 Rhopoint Paintlab+ Calibration Oil are manufactured in accordance with ISO17025 traceable to UKAS certified standards

 The 100 percents hydrocarbon composition means they are suitable for the calibration of both kinematic and rotational viscometer. Manufacture in accordance with ASTM D 2162 the primary method of viscosity standards manufacture.

 Rhopoint Paintlab+ calibration oil are dual UKAS certified to International Standards BS EN ISO / IEC 17025 and ISO Guide 34 .

 The calibration oil are supplied in 500ml bottles and come completer with calibration data on the label in kinematic (cSt) and dynamic viscosity (mPa.s) given at all temperatures with a 2 year shelf life. More 

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