The ideal spectrometer for fast and highly accurate measurements

The CAS 140CTS is the most recent member of the Instrument Systems Array Spectrometer family. The detector concept based on a back-thinned CCD area sensor of the proven CAS 140CT was completely redesigned. The new detector unit allows the minimum integration time to be improved from 10 ms to 4 ms. At the same time, the read-out time was reduced to ~ 6 ms so that the CAS 140CTS features particularly short measurement times.

Apart from its speed, the CAS 140CTS has a very high level of accuracy and a robust construction. This allows the system to deliver reliable measurement results even in adverse environments. In combination with the Instrument Systems LED Tester, the CAS 140CTS is therefore the optimum measuring instrument for LED production testing.
In addition, the CAS 140CTS is an ideal solution for all laboratory applications requiring fast and highly accurate measurements even for critical parameters like color coordinates and color temperature.


  • Several model variants from 200 to 1050 nm
  • New detector concept based on a high-end, back-illuminated CCD sensor
  • 4 ms minimum integration time
  • Very short read-out times
  • Doubling of dynamic range compared to CAS 140CT
  • Robust PCI interface
  • Applications:

  • LED production testing
  • All laboratory applications that require exceptional speed and high accuracy
  • Ordering information:

    ModelSpectral range [nm] Number of PixelsSpectral resolution [nm] Data point interval [nm]
    CAS140CT-241360 - 8301024 x 1282.20.5
    CAS140CT-242200 - 800 1024 x 1282.70.6
    CAS140CT-243380 - 10401024 x 1283.00.65
    CAS140CT-244220 - 10201024 x 1283.70.8
    CAS140CT-245750 - 10501024 x 1282.00.3
    CAS140CT-246300 - 11001024 x 1283.70.8

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