Display Measurement Systems Model DMS 505

The standard system for characterizing small to mid-sized displays

The DMS 505 is based on a 6-axis goniometer with 3 motorized axes. The measurement system permits angle-dependent analysis of all electro-optical characteristics of displays, including luminance, contrast, and color properties of displays at different viewing angles and variable electrical driving. The DMS 505 is ideal for determining the characteristics of displays for mobile applications (smartphone, tablet PC) with the comprehensive range of accessories including illumination devices and temperature-control chambers.


  • Characterization of emissive, transmissive, reflective, and transflective displays
  • Complete system with 6-axis positioner, with electrical control, photometer or spectrometer (optional), illumination sources, PC, and software
  • 3 motorized axes (inclination, azimuth, and height adjustment of the measuring head)
  • Optional forced-air temperature-control chamber
  • Analysis of all photometric and colorimetric characteristics as a function of viewing angle, electrical driving, temperature, and time

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