Display Measurement Systems Model DTS 140 Spectroradiometer

A universal system for display measurement and more

Complete systems based on the CAS 140CT array spectrometer featuring a high-end, back-illuminated CCD detector are available for measurements of radiance and luminance as well as color of displays and back-illuminated panel graphics. No matter what kind of display technology has to be tested – whether LCD, CRT, OLED or LED displays – the DTS140 can be used universally.

Coupling of light into the system is achieved using the TOP 200 telescopic optical probe that is attached to the spectrometer via an optical fiber. A large selection of lenses is available for the TOP 200 in order to provide different measuring spot sizes. The new SpecWin Pro software offers comprehensive tools for data analysis and documentation of measurement results.

The fiber coupling of the TOP 200 makes it possible to simply swap the adapter and quickly reconfigure the DTS140 for other applications (e.g. LED measurement). The range of applications available is thus considerably expanded – a feature hard to realize for spectrometers with a fixed, integrated lens.


  • very accurate measurements combined with high sensitivity
  • modified Pritchard optics guarantees ideal positioning of the measurement spot
  • integrated alignment camera with wide field of view
  • apertures and optical density filters selectable via software
  • new SpecWin Pro software provides for convenient analysis and documentation of results
Spectral range360 - 830 nm380 - 1040 nm360 - 830 nm380 - 1040 nm
Spectral resolution2.2 nm 3.0 nm2.2 nm3.0 nm
Datapoint interval0.5 nm0.65 nm0.5 nm0.65 nm
TOP 200 Telescopic Optical Probe
Lens60 mm60 mmHRL 90HRL 90
Working distance *) 18 cm 18 cm23 cm23 cm
Stray light (approx.)1%1%0.1%0.1%
sensitivity range
Aperture 10.2 - 1*1090.1 - 1*1090.6 - 4*1090.4 - 3*109
Aperture 20.06 - 4*1080.04 - 3*1080.2 - 1*1090.2 - 1*109
Aperture 30.02 - 1*1080.01 - 1*1080.06 - 4*1080.04 - 3*108
Aperture 40.006 - 4*1070.004 - 3*1070.02 - 1*1080.01 - 1*108
Luminance± 3 %
Radiance± 4 %
Color coordinates (x,y)± 0.0015
Dominant wavelength± 0.5 nm
Polarization sensitivity< 1 %
*) Distance from the test sample to the TOP 200's front panel; for models with the 60 mm lens, basic calibration is done at a working distance of 50 cm.