PTFE Integrating Spheres ISP 50-UV / 100-UV / 150-UV / 250-UV

PTFE Integrating Spheres – UV measurement for laboratory and production

Instrument Systems offers complete measurement solutions for UV-A, -B and -C radiation starting from 200 nm. The operation of the well-proven Instrument Systems spectroradiometers, e.g. CAS series, with integrating spheres made from PTFE facilitate high sensitivity measurements of UV radiant flux. A proprietary preconditioning of the PTFE integrating spheres ensures low fluorescence, high stability and high accuracy measurements in the UV spectral range in laboratory and production environments.

All Instrument Systems UV measurement solutions with PTFE integrating spheres are delivered with a PTB traceable calibration.


  • Complete UV measurement solutions
  • High sensitivity measurements for UV radiation down to 200 nm
  • Efficient fluorescence suppression
  • State-of-the-art stray light correction
  • Wide selection of optical equipments and accessories
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