Konica Minolta 2D Display Analyzer CA-2500 Series

Two-dimensional Color Analyzer For Measurement Of Luminance & Chromaticity Distributions
The CA-2500 2D Color Analyzer is the successor of CA-2000. It is the 4th generation 2D Color Analyzer from Konica Minolta. The CA-2500 2D Color Analyzer is ideal for the evaluating luminance distribution, chromaticity distribution and MURA (non-uniformity) for a vairety of display devices such as LED LCD TV, Smartphones, Tablet PCs,OLED, Organic EL lamp, other light emmiting devices such as automoible instrument panels, illuminated keypad. Unlike conventional imaging photometer that use RGB color separation filters. The CA-2500 uses XYZ filters that closely match to the CIE 1931 color matching functions to provide luminance and chromaticity measurements that have high correlation with the spectral response of human eye.

Research & Development in LED LCD TV, Tablet PCs, Smartphones. OLED, Organic EL, Rear Projector | Automobile Instrument Panel & Control Switches | Car Stereo | Street Light | Evaluating illuminance distribution of lighting fixtures | Evaluating light distribution characteristics of LED illumination module

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