Konica Minolta BC-10 Plus Baking Contrast Meter (NEW) – Successor to BC-10

Battery Operated, Lightweight & Portable Instrument For Bakery Products
BC-10 Plus is a lightweight, portable and compact colorimeter for quick and easy measurement of the baking contrast of various kind of bakery products such as bread, bun, cookies and other food products to control the baking process in the manufacturing line.

BC-10 delivers a single baking contrast unit (BCU) or classic L*a*b* color values. The range starts from darkest 0 to lightest 5.25. Every 0.1 BCU change represent a single shade that is noticeable to human eye. The meter can also displayed average when numbers of measurements are needed and an average is being calculated.

Bakery | Cookies | Bun etc.

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