Konica Minolta CM-2500d/CM-2600d Spectrophotometer

Portable Sphere Geometry Spectrophotometer With Horizontal Alignment
The CM-2500d/CM-2600d suit best to measure the color of flat or large samples. Both model is designed using the patented Innovative Optical System technology including numerical gloss control (NGC) for simultaneous measurement of specular component included (SCI) and excluded (SCE) in just one measurement. Single handed operation is achieved with the “Navigation Wheel” and sample viewing port allows perfect sample positioning. Both model features large information display shows measurement data either as numerically or graphically.

The CM-2500d spectrophotometer with horizontal alignment is design with a fixed Ø8 mm aperture (MAV) enable measurement of samples medium to large.

The CM-2600d offers additional Ø3 mm aperture (SAV) to perfectly adapt to small to large samples size. In addition numerical UV control (NUVC) is the unsurpassed technology for UV adjustments built-in when measuring samples containing optical brightening agent (OBA) such as textile, pulp, paper, paint and other chemicals.

Paint | Textile | Coating | Printing | Cosmetic | Dermatological etc.

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