Konica Minolta CM-25cG Spectrophotometer (NEW)

2 in 1 Spectrophotometer with 60 | gloss measurement
The CM-25cG spectrophotometer designed with 45 | c:0 | geometry and integrated 60 | gloss sensors offers simultaneously measurement of color and gloss. Changeable apertures of 8mm (MAV) and 3mm (SAV) circumferrential illuminant system and a measuring time of approximately 1 second. CM-25cG provide fast accurate and stable measurement even on curve surfaces.

The CM-25cG with symmetrical and compact design allows easy measurement where hard to reach areas within the vehicle interior. TheCM-25cG come with a built-in optical finder for perfect sample positioning and is the 1st instrument to offers such features in a 45 | c:0 | geometry spectrophotometer. The CM-25cG spectrophotometer is build with high Inter-Instrument Agreement (IIA) and high Inter-Model Agreement (IMA) ensure perfect measurement data correlation between instruments.

Road Marking | High Visibility Garment | Automotive Interior Parts

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