Konica Minolta CM-3600A/CM-3610A Spectrophotometer

Built For Precision, High Versatility & Compact Yet Powerful Spectrophotometer
The CM-3600 series outstanding performance utilize the patented Innovative Optical System technology including numerical gloss control (NGC) for simultaneous measurement of specular component included (SCI) and excluded (SCE). In addition numerical UV control (NUVC) is the unsurpassed technology for UV adjustments when measuring samples containing optical brightening agent (OBA) such as textile, pulp, paper, paint and other chemicals.

The CM-3600A spectrophotometer with horizontal alignment capable to measure color in either reflectance or transmittance, thus offering a wide range of application such as textile, plastics, ceramic, liquid etc.

The CM-3610A spectrophotometer with vertical alighment, unsurpassed technology and outstanding performance capable to measure a wide range of application such as textile, plastics ceramic, paint etc.

Paint | Printing | Plastics | Ceramics | Textile | Packaging etc

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