Konica Minolta CM-512m3A Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer

Handheld, Portable Spectrophotometer With 0° Viewing and 3 Angles (25° , 45° & 75° ) Circumferential Illumination Geometry
The CM-512m3A multi-angle spectrophotometer is specially designed for color measurement of metallic, pearlescent and effect paints and material. This device has circumferential illumination at 25° ,45° and 75° angles and 0° viewing geometry, optimizes for fast and accurate measurements in the automotive manufacturing line.

The CM-512m3A unique geometry is truly symmetric and therefore is unaffected by instrument orientation that is often found lacking in other multi-angle instrument. The instrument optical system is optimized to give very accurate results even on curved surface. Samples such as vehicle side mirror, door handles, front and read bumpers can be measured accurately and repeatedly. The lack of moving parts makes CM-512m3A very hearty and rugged.

Automotive Paint | Plastic Part With Angle Effect

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