Konica Minolta CM-600d/CM-700d Spectrophotometer

Handheld Spectrophotometer With Vertical Alignment And Sphere Geometry
The CM-600d/CM-700d is a compact and lightweight spectrophotometer with built-in wireless communication and color LCD screen offering excellent portability, perfectly suited for precise and repeated color measurements of shape and curves samples. With just a click, measurement data of specular component included (SCI) and excluded (SCE) are taken simultaneously to analyze the color and surface condition.

The spectrophotometer features a USB and a wireless data communication via Bluetooth√ć√§ as well as a large size color LCD screen for spectral graph, pseudocolor, color difference graph and numerical data display brings color measurement to level never experience before. In addition both the spectrophotometer has a large data memory capacity allows users to store up to 1000 targets and 4000 measurements set. With the “Auto Target” function, the instrument searches for the closest target to any measured color.

CM-600d spectrophotometer is designed with a fixed Ø8mm aperture ideal for evaluating the color of samples medium to large in size.

CM-700d spectrophotometer is designed with interchangeable Ø3mm and 8mm measuring aperture to perfectly adapt to small to large samples size.

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