Konica Minolta CM-M6 Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer (NEW)

Portable Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer With 45° Illumination with 6 Aspecular Viewing Angles (-15° , 15° , 25° , 45° , 75° , & 115° )
Konica Minolta CM-M6 is a multi-angle portable spectrophotometer is specially designed to provide fast and accurate measurement of metallic, pearlescent and effect paints for automotive exterior. It uses a patented double path illumination system with 45° illumination with 6 aspecular viewing angles as described in ASTM E2194 or DIN 5033-7 from two sides, it provides stable and accurate results even on curved surfaces (R=300 radius).

The CM-M6 comes with high resolution back-illuminated color display that is easy to read under low ambient lighting condition. With a new ergonomic designed for easy handling and positioning, the CM-M6 is ideal for repeated use over long periods of time on the production line.

Automotive Paint | Plastic Part With Angle Effect

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