Konica Minolta CR-10 Plus Color Reader (NEW) – Successor to CR-10

Portable, Battery Powered & Handheld
The CR-10 Plus Color Reader is an affordable compact colorimeter for fast and easy color control. With a built-in utility software,application it allows changing of instrument setting, set tolerances, pass/fail judgement and data analysis directly on the instrument like never before. It comes with a USB connectivity to a computer for easy data transferring.

CR-10 Plus has the ability to measure precise color difference express in L*a*b* and dE* or L*C*h* and dE* displayed on an easy to view large LCD screen. The CR-10 Plus boast a standard measuring area of 8mm and 5mm with an optional accessory allowing it useful in a broad array of applications. All color measurements are taken using conditions of the standard illuminant D65, 10 degrees observer and SCI (Specular Component Included) while offering a Xenon lamp light source for longer life and more stable readings.

Food | Plastic | Paint | Coating | Ceramic | Metal etc.

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