Konica Minolta CR-20 Color Reader (NEW) – Combined successor to the CR-11, CR-13 & CR-14

Easy-To-Use, Light-Weight & Affordable Colorimeter. Ideal For Entry Level Absolute Color Measurement and Inspection
The CR-20 Color Reader measures the color and whiteness of food or raw materials in paste, solid or powder form. It boast a large LCD screen that displays measurement results from one to eight color spaces/colorimetric indexes including L*a*b*, L*C*h*,Yxy, Munsell, WI (CIE/ASTM E313-96). Tint (CIE/ASTM E313-96) and YI (ASTM E313-96)

The instrument can be utilized in order to control from raw materials through the process of manufacturing. It can also quantify the effect that storage has inflicted on the whiteness of a product during transportation. The CR-20 fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It is both battery operated and light-weight. This CR-20 can also be connected to an AC-Adapter for external power.

Food | Surimi | Laundry | Flour etc.

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