Konica Minolta CR-400/CR-410 Chroma Meter

User-friendly, Portable Colorimeter With Unmatched Ruggedness & Application Flexibility
The CR-400/CR-410 chroma meter is the successor of CR-300/CR-310 and more compact, more powerful and versatile then ever. This CR-400 series offer enhanced usability and functionality such as re-designed data process featuring a large backlit LCD screen for numerical or graphic display or measurement data, several new color spaces and PASS/FAIL formulas as well as indices for whiteness and yellowness enhance the usage into various filed of application. The new “user indices” function allows the input of up to 6 different user or application specific equations using XYZ, Yxy or CIELAB values. In addition it has larger memory storage capacity can store up to 100 targets and 2000 measurement.

Food | Plastic | Automotive | Ceramic | Surimi | Furniture

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