Konica Minolta Illuminance Meter T-10A/T-10MA

Handheld, light-weight and ease of usage Illuminance Meter
T-10A series illuminance meter is the successor to T-10 series. The light weight hand held illuminance meter is capable of measuring pulsed width modulation (PWM) controlled light sources. Enables measurements of the next-generation light sources. It can be connected up to a maximum of 30 sesnors to form multi-poin measurement and is easily controlled via a PC or Laptop. The T- 10A series has a large LCD backlit screen and a very large measuring range of 0.01 to 299,900lx with auto range switching, makes the T-10A series one of the most user-friendly lux meter on the market.

Research & Development by illumination manufacturer | ANSI Lumen measurement of projector | Quality control by manufacturers of home-use lighting products | Official government testing | Illuminance control in agriculture & forestry | Repair & maintenance in factories, offices, hospital etc. | Architectural Design

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