Konica Minolta Luminance Meter LS-150 (NEW) – Successor to LS-100

Portable, compact, ergonomic and operated with AA batteries.
The LS-150 is a highly accurate and easy-to-use luminance meter with a minimum measuring area of 14.4 mm diameter with greatly improved luminance range of up to 999,900 cd/m_. The meter conforms to DIN 5032-7 Class B. LS-150 uses a newly designed sensor with a spectral response that more closely match the V(_)spectral luminous efficiency function of the human eye to provide measurement results that correlate well with visual evaluation.

The LS-150 uses a SLR (single lens reflex) optical system that provides users with several important capabilities. Very small areas, even down to 1.3 mm in diameter (when closed-up lens is used) can be measured accurately. Measurement areas at distances both long and short show up consistently in the viewfinder. This flexibility allows even those who have never used the instrument to gather precise measurement results.

Measurement of luminance LED LCDTV Backlit | Road & Tunnel Lighting | Illumination & Outdoor Signage | Illumination Equipment & Devices | Airport Signalling (Signage) | Maintenance of Aerospace Simulator | Research & Development In Device Brightness

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