LGS 350 Goniophotometer

Perfect for mid-sized SSL light sources and LED modules

The LGS 350 Goniophotometer / Goniospectroradiometer was developed for the analysis of angle-dependent spatial radiation properties from small to medium-sized SSL luminaires and LED modules. The test specimen is operated in a horizontal burning position and measurements can be taken at an angular range of ±160° in the gamma / theta axis.

Combined with a spectroradiometer from Instrument Systems, all spectral quantities such as color coordinates, color temperature and even color rendering index are determined as a function of angle. The Optronik DSP Photometer can also be used to carry out C-plane measurements very quickly “on the fly”.

The complete system

The LGS 350 comprises the goniometer with a sample plate for fixing the test specimen and the LGS Controller that drives the stepper motor and the angle display. If a photometer is used, the LGS Controller also displays the measured values in candela or lux.

The following versions of the LGS 350 are supplied:

  • Goniometer with stable base and integrated LGS Controller. The structure is particularly space-saving and compact, as well as providing very high mechanical stability with the floor.
  • Goniometer in benchtop version with separate 19” rack for the LGS Controller. This configuration is mobile and can be used flexibly.
  • Features

  • Type C goniophotometer with horizontal optical axis
  • For samples up to 700 mm diameter and 8 kg weight
  • Accurate determination of the luminous intensity distribution and luminous flux
  • Angular-resolved analysis of spectral and colorimetric quantities
  • Data export in IES and EULUMDAT format
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