Imaging Photometer and Colorimeter Model LumiCam 2400 Advanced

Outstanding accuracy, optimized for automotive display tests

As an imaging measurement system, the LumiCam 2400 captures the luminance and color distributions of screens or multifunction displays within seconds. It provides 5 megapixel images which present the spatially resolved measured values coded for luminance and chromaticity. The LumiCam 2400 models are perfect for versatile automotive test applications, e.g. measurement of luminance and color distributions of displays and control elements or uniformity analysis of flat panel display screens in car interiors.

Instrument Systems offers the LumiCam 2400 in three variants. The LumiCam 2400 Mono is a compact luminance camera for reliable and accurate luminance measurements. The LumiCam 2400 Color adds three filters for chromaticity measurements and is perfect for broadband light sources. To achieve optimal measurement results for LED based test objects, the model “Advanced” features a total of six color filters and a patented matrix optimization algorithm. The 5 megapixel resolution of all models allows for convenient imaging and analysis of whole instrument clusters or small details with high resolution.

Powerful and user-friendly software

All LumiCam models come with a powerful software that calculates all relevant quantities as, e.g., the luminance Lv, the color coordinates x and y as well as color temperature, color uniformity or dominant wavelength. Versatile analytical tools, such as spotmeter, polygon, line or 3D box, permit comprehensive evaluation of the measured data. The LumiCam software offers the possibility of false-color presentation for particularly impressive visualization of the values obtained.

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