GTI Professional Desktop Viewer PDV-e Series

The new e-series of PDV Professional Desktop Viewers uses the latest multi-voltage electronic ballasts with T8 Graphiclite lamps. Their design has been enhanced to provide increased efficiency at a lower cost. All models come pre-assembled with a unique hinged design that allows quick and easy set up for viewing and equally fast fold-up for storage and/or transport.
Exceptional Features:

  • Standard D50 ISO Compliance
  • Dimming Option for Soft-Proofing
  • Larger Vertical Viewing Surfaces
  • Tighter Control with Optional Side Walls
  • All Models Fold For Easy Transport/Storage

These compact, affordable color viewers offer several viewing options. Reflection only units allow vertical comparison viewing of reflection copy; Transmission and Reflection units (TR) can be used for the comparison of transparencies and prints (available with PDV-2e & PDV-3e only).
Large Format & Camera Club Model
The PDV-2020e was developed specifically for large format image viewing and particularly for camera club print judging competitions. The PJK-2020e Print Judging Kit provides a diffusion lens plus magnetic rear wall and print bars to allow a 16″ x 20″ print to be displayed in either landscape or portrait orientation.

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