Rhopoint Novo Gloss 60° OR Trio 20°/60°/85° OR Trigloss 20°/60°/85°

Novo Gloss meter is small, lightweight and durable instrument. It is suitable for used in many environments including laboratory and productions areas. It is the ideal choice for most gloss measurements of variety of substrates and industry sectors from matt to high gloss finishes.

Standards Compliance

  • Gloss – ISO 2813, ISO 7668, ASTM D523, ASTM D2457, DIN 67530 and JIS Z 8741
  • Haze – ASTM E430 and ASTM D4039

Paint & Coatings, Powder & Coatings, Additives, Ink, Plastic, Automotive, Yacht Manufacturer, Aerospace, Polished Stone & Metal, Anodized Metal, Glass Manufacturer.

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