Rhopoint Novo-Gloss Flex 60° (NEW)

Rhopoint Novo-Gloss Flex 60 glossmeter designed specifically to measure the gloss of surfaces that cannot be measured via traditional gloss-meters. Novo-Gloss Flex 60 glossmeter combines the functionality and reporting of an advanced gloss-meter with an ultra lightweight remote measuring head. IMPROVED PERFORMANCE IN LOW GLOSS APPLICATIONS The Novo-Gloss Flex 60 has been designed specifically to measure low gloss surfaces. It features an additional measuring scale with a resolution 10 times greater than standard glossmeters. This increased resolution gives a far superior level of control of surface finish. The Novo-Gloss Flex 60 complies to ISO 2813 and ASTM D523 and measurements made with the instrument are compatible with traditional gloss-meters complying to these standards.

Standards Compliance: ISO 2813, ASTM D523, ASTM D2457, DIN 67530 JIS Z 8741 and JIS K 5600-4-7

Paint & Coatings, Powder & Coatings, Additives, Ink, Plastic, Automotive, Yacht Manufacturer, Aerospace, Polished Stone & Metal, Anodized Metal, Glass Manufacturer.

Rhopoint Novo-Gloss Flex 60°

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