Rhopoint Paintlab+ Pfund Cryptometer

Wet Film Hiding Power
The Rhopoint Paintlab+ Pfund Cryptometeris a wedge type film applicator that that measure the wet hiding power of a coating within a few minutes. It is simple to use and accurately testing of wet film hiding power. The Cryptometer can also determines the thickness needed for complete opacity, gives an estimate of coverage in square meter per litre. It is an ideal choice for quality control environment and suitable for use with coatings containing pigments.

The Pfund Cryptometer consist of a glass plate, with half black and half white background as a base. Each half of this base has a scale engraved from 0 ~ 50mm along one edge starting from the division in the centre. Each Pfund Cryptometer comes with two glass top plates and these have two metal support at one ends so that these transparent top plates rest at an angle when placed upon the black and white area of the base plate.

The top plates differ in the length of their tiny supports so that different angles are formed between the top plates and the base plate. A wedge angle constant (K) is given to each top plate. These range from the smallest angle K=0.002 to K=0.0035, K=0.004, K=0.007 and the largest K=0.007, the popular constant being K=0.004 and K=0.008 is simple to use and accurately perform testing of wet film hiding power.

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