Rhopoint PAINTLAB+ Viscomixer (NEW)

Viscosity measurement of coatings is essential at each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality standard.
Many parameters can affect the rheological behaviour of a finished coating resulting in undesirable effects such as inconsistent performance, poor levelling or sagging. The used of high precision measuring instruments is therefore essential in quality control to prevent such problems occuring during formulation, manufacture and application. The Paintlab+ Viscomixer is a versatile instrument used to measure the change in viscosity during the addition of a solvent or thinner. There are 3 Viscomixer models are available. Each offering a different measuring range according to the viscosity of the test sample.

A sample from a production batch can be quickly and easily measured in a 250ml tin and the required thinning ratio determined the scaling into the production process. The instrument operates at a fixed speed of 562 rpm to directly measure the viscosity in Poise (P).

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